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How it all started

Our story begins in the summer of 2015 when the founder lost her job in a big firm and was now home full time for the first time in her career.

Alone with her two children, to keep them occupied during a rather rainy week, she planned a movie marathon and purchased a popcorn machine. Her son suggested adding flavors using popcorn seasonings bought in a big box store.

oomph - popcorn
oomph - popcorn

While she liked the idea of flavouring the popcorn, she was less than thrilled when reading their ingredient. She noticed that most of them contained substances whose names eluded her. Knowing that additives, dye or hydrogenated oil can potentially be harmful to her family’s health, she started researching for a more natural product.

Providing a natural healthy snack to her kids being a must; it was out of the question for her to purchase these “questionable” powders.

Sometimes the simplest things
are the most difficult to find.

She started searching for this much coveted product. After several hours of digging online, she realized that she was in fact looking for a product that simply did not exist! (Or at least not on a large scale).

This was her ha-ha moment!
“If I can’t buy what I want, I have to create it!”
She was going to make 100% natural popcorn seasoning.

oomph - popcorn
oomph - popcorn

Starting her own business made total sense when she combined this untapped niche and added her passion for healthy food and her extensive marketing experience.

If you can’t buy what you want,
you have to create it!

This is how Oomph popcorn seasonings came to life.

Perfect for your friends and family evenings, receptions, children party or sports evenings (Super Bowl, Stanley Cup playoffs, World Cup, etc.).

You can rest assured that when you buy OOMPH seasonings, you get an original product, 100% natural, made from high quality ingredients that we, at OOMPH seasonings, would not hesitate to offer to all our family and friends.





Nathalie Bombardier
Owner & CEO
OOMPH Popcorn Seasonings